Children & Youth

Promised Land Sunday School 

The Promised Land Sunday School is a gentle, joyful program designed to help children explore Jesus’ message of love, sharing, and peace.  The Promised Land is free for all families, and runs each year from early September to mid-June.first table

In the Promised Land…

    • We respect each child’s unique walk with God
    • We explore the teachings of Jesus and what they mean in our own lives
    • We reflect God’s love for us out into the world through community service
  • And we have fun!

How can your family participate?

Just come as you are!  We begin with the congregation each Sunday at 10AM, and after an opening hymn and prayers, and often a short children’s sermon, we go up to our beautiful space, where we read scripture, play games, make crafts, sing, and enjoy fellowship.

We have a lovingly staffed nursery for infants and toddlers, a lively, fun-filled preschool class, and an elementary group full of joyful fellowship.

Come to the worship service at 10am; children will leave from the service to go to their classes. See you there!

  • Nursery 10:00-11:00
  • Church Preschool-Grade 1
  • Church School: Grades 2-6

Joining us regularly?  Please print out and complete a registration form.

2019-2020 Promised Land Registration

Youth Group

The Youth Group at Center Church welcomes all 6th-12th graders interested in exploring their faith and beliefs with other youth in the church community.  We have our own youth room on the second floor which allows for a relaxed, comfortable setting. We sit in a circle on bean bags surrounded by cheerful purple and green walls (colors chosen and painted by the youth, of course!) and are always welcoming to new members. The kids are encouraged to engage in open conversation about important topics such as God, faith, race, acceptance, honesty, friendship, and love, among many others.

We partake in several small community service projects throughout the year such as collecting cans for soup kitchens and raising money for animal shelters. We also have one or two multi-night retreats where we spend extended time away helping members of our community and getting to know each other. We also play games and create crafts and have sleepovers to help strengthen the bond between group members. Any youth longing for a sense of community will certainly find themselves at home in our youth group.

Please contact Thia in the Church Office if you have questions or would like to find out more information!