Center Church of South Hadley, MA
Excellent music is a tradition at Center Church and is vital to our services. It is one of the things which folks comment on when they are church shopping as being a definite plus. You could say that excellent music is a tradition here. Our leaders are professionals, but the choir is a wonderful group of volunteers who love to sing. We rehearse weekly for an hour (Thursday evenings from 7-8) as well as Sunday mornings. We strive for variety in the music chosen: everything from 15th century choral music to spirituals and gospel arrangements. As often as possible, the music is related to the rest of the service: the season (such as Lent), the specific Sunday (such as Communion), the sermon topic, and so forth.

The Prelude and Postlude are also often associated with other parts of the service, such as the hymns. Prelude and Postlude are important aspects of Sunday morning services and may include piano or violin as well as organ.