UCC Church Org Wipes Out $26 million in Medical Debt

Spreading the Word About the ‘Super Cool Love of God’

Have you seen the United Church of Christ in the news this week?

We announced on Sunday that the Southern New England Conference had abolished $26.2 million in debilitating medical debt for people in need in our region, and for first responders and health care workers across the country.

The story, as they say in the business, has gotten some traction. It was covered by a number of large local media outlets – The Boston GlobeWSHU Radio in Connecticut, The Republican in Springfield, MA, The Worcester TelegramABC6 in Rhode Island  – and by the Associated Press. The AP story was picked up by more than 50 media outlets around the country, including US News & World Report.

But perhaps most gratifying to me?  A friend of a friend – who as far as I know has no connection to a church – shared the ABC6 coverage on her Facebook page with the words: “When churches act like churches… when love for neighbors looks like love for neighbors…That’s super cool love of God on display right there.”

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