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Advent Calendar 2020

November 29, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Center Church Advent Calendar

Christmas Season, 2020

November 29 – Watch or listen to Center Church virtual worship service, Youth Group, or Promised Land Sunday School.  Light a candle during the Advent Reading.  Light the candle again during the evening and feel warmed by the glow.

November 30 – Read Luke 1:26-29.  Light a candle at sundown each night and place it where you and others can feel reassured by the glowing symbol of God’s love.

December 1 – Read Luke 1:30-31.  Say a favorite Grace with your evening meal.  Pray for teachers, pastors, medical workers, social workers, and all those working on the front lines of service to others.

December 2 – Read Luke 1:32-33.  Add canned soup to your food/mitten donation bag. What Christmas songs give you hope when you are feeling down?  Sing or listen to your favorite Christmas songs. *

December 3 – Read Luke 1:34-35.  Call or write to a friend or family member. Take a picture of yourself or your family holding a candle.  If you are able, send your picture to the church:  Centerchurch@verizon.net

December 4 – Read Luke 1:36-38.  Find a local restaurant or business that is owned by a black or immigrant person or people.  Support their business by ordering take-out for lunch or dinner, or purchase a gift from their shop.

December 5 – Read Luke 1:39-40. Bake and eat your favorite Christmas cookies.  Enjoy the smell of your cookies while they bake!  Close your eyes and absorb the memories of how the smells have filled your heart in the past.  Pray for those who created those memories with you.

December 6 – Listen to or watch Center Church virtual worship service, Youth Group or Promised Land Sunday School.  Light a candle during the Advent reading.  Play a family game or start a new puzzle.

December 7 – Read Luke 1:41-45. Add canned vegetables to your food/mitten donation bag.

December 8 – Read Luke 1:46-47.  Address and mail Christmas cards to friends and relatives.  Send some to local postal workers and first responders.

December 9 – Read Luke 1:48-49.  Enjoy some quiet time coloring a picture or making paper snowflakes.

December 10 – Read Luke 1:50 -51.  Play your favorite Christmas music and wrap gifts.

December 11 – Read Luke 1:52-53.  Meditation is an ancient form of prayer.  It can help us feel peace.  Practice a meditation for loving-kindness today.  Place your hands on your heart, take a deep breath, and think of a friend, family member or stranger.  Say: May they be happy.  May they be safe.  May they know peace.  May they be loved. *

December 12- Read Luke 1:54-56.  Drive by or attend the Center Church Racial Justice Vigil from 10:00 – 10:30, and then shop or dine in the Village Commons.  Stay a safe distance from others and please wear a mask!

December 13 – Watch or listen to Center Church virtual worship service, Youth Group, or Sunday School and light a candle during the Advent reading.  Our Neighbors in Sweden celebrate Saint Lucia Day.  As part of their celebration, everyone eats a ginger cookie.  In honor of Saint Lucia Day, add gingerbread cake or cookie mix to your food/mitten donation bag. *

December 14 – Read Luke 2:1-2. Walk or drive through your neighborhood to look at light displays.  Enjoy the warmth of your own lights and candles.

December 15 – Read Luke 2:3-4.   Add canned fruit to your food/hat/mitten donation bag.

December 16 – Read Luke 2:5-6.  Have a silly night and eat breakfast for dinner.  Make pancakes and add your favorite toppings! *  Pray for your family near and far.

December 17 – Read Luke 2:7-8.  We find joy in art and expression, especially when we can create something colorful!  Use some watercolor paint by experimenting with large blobs of color, or paint something specific.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle it with salt and watch what happens as it dries.  Perhaps frame it and give it as a gift. *

December 18 – Read Luke 2:9-10.  Enjoy a cup of cocoa while making your home festive with your favorite decorations.  Listen to music and place decorations around your home.  Reflect on your own traditions.

December 19 – Read Luke 2:11-12.  Children, Youth, and Musicians will present a Live Nativity in front of the church at 11:00am.  Spread out on the sidewalk to watch, safely distanced, or park on Church Street to watch safely from your car.

December 20 – Watch or Listen to Center Church virtual worship, Youth Group or Sunday School.  Light a candle during the Advent reading.  Add a pair of mittens or a hat to your donation bag.

December 21 – Read Luke 2:13-14.  Celebrate Winter Solstice with a walk in the woods, or feed the birds from your window or balcony.  Eat dinner in candlelight and pray for the earth, sun, moon and stars.

December 22 – Read Luke 2:15-16.  Wrap Christmas gifts while watching a favorite Christmas movie.

December 23 – Read Luke 2:17-18.  What does love look like to you?  Be mindful of sights and sounds that create a feeling of love and being loved throughout the day. *  Share that feeling of love by adding peanut butter, rice and other items to your food donation bag.

December 24 – Read Luke 2:19-20.  Watch for information about a Christmas Eve Luminaria Display on the Center Church front steps and sidewalk.  If possible, pull up to the church to drop off your Luminaria bag and candle, along with your food donation bag.  Details will be shared soon.

 December 25 Merry Christmas!  If you haven’t already, place the Baby Jesus into your family’s nativity scene. *  Celebrate a safely distanced Christmas Day with your family and loved ones.  Sing Joy to the World!  Pray for Peace.  Play Christmas music.

December 26 – Read Luke 2:22-26.  Play a new game or call friends or family from far away.  Pray for Peace for our country.

December 27 – Read Luke 2:27-32.  Virtually attend Center Church worship.  Pray for the health and safety of our country.

December 28 – Read Luke 2:33-38.  Ancient people found peace by walking a labyrinth.  It’s like a maze, but with no dead ends.  You wind around the labyrinth by breathing deeply and slowing down your thoughts.  Try drawing one and trace it slowly with your finger.  Seek a sense of peace. *

December 29 – Read Matthew 2:1-6.  Play Christmas music and write Thank You notes.

December 30 – Read Matthew 2:7-12.  Feed the birds and check on a neighbor.  Wish them hope and peace for the New Year.

December 31 – Read Matthew 2:13-15.  View nature from your window.  Re-read notes in the Christmas cards you received.  Reflect on the past year and pray the new year brings hope, healing, progress toward recovery from devastating illness and deep divisions.   Look upon the new year with gratitude, hope, and prayers for peace.


*These ideas were borrowed from Illustrated Ministry.


Luminaria Bags, battery tea light candles, and grocery bags are being distributed by church volunteers to as many local church friends as possible.  If you did not receive one, please contact the church office, and every attempt will be made to get one to you.  Donations of food, hats and mittens will be given to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Pantry.




November 29, 2020
December 31, 2020